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Tudatosan a biztonsági mentésről

This post will be in Hungarian for my clients here in Hungary. There are plenty of good resources out there in English anyway. Nem vagyok szakértő a témában, viszont pár tapasztalattal már gazdagodtam

SQL Server Notes

A collection of notes for myself! Backup up an Express instance of SQL ServerEasy! Follor this tutorial: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2019698/how-to-schedule-and-automate-backups-of-sql-server-databases-in-sql-se

Windows Batch Files: Logging & more

To log all output of a batch file to a file,  you can do: @echo off rem https://stackoverflow.com/questions/203090/how-do-i-get-current-datetime-on-the-windows-command-line-in-a-suitable-format for /f %%# in ('wMIC Path Win32_LocalTime Get /Format:value')

Macrium Reflect Troubleshooting

For now this will be a place to jot down some of my notes on troubleshooting Macrium Reflect backup issues. I hope to one day organize it all in a more digestible format.