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Tárhely szolgáltatók magyarországon

Saját toplistám a magyar tárhelyszolgáltatók kapcsán. Rackhost.hu: használtam, viszont nem kompatibilis az OctoberCMS keretrendszerrel mert az általuk használt MODSEC Web Application Firewall túl aggresszívan kiszűr mindent, így nem lehet szerkeszteni az oldalakat

Awesome Self-hosted Open-source Web Apps 2019

Hosted SaaS solution have some great advantages, perhaps the most important of which is that hopefully the company behind the product is able to maintain a sustaining business model through charging subscription fees,

Install Wekan on Ubuntu 18.04 with Apache

Wekan is a great, open-source, self-hosted alternative to Trello. It can easily be installed on Ubuntu, the trickiest part is configuring the Apache reverse proxy. This is needed since it runs on Node.

Yii2 Optimization & Caching and ActiveRecord

The Yii2 framework is all-in-all an excellent framework for building complex websites. Working with the framework can, however, be quite frustrating at times mostly due to a lack of documentation and examples. Of