Content related to Microsoft Windows

Mac Machine Administration

A collection of articels and snippets about administering Macs. Permanently Map a Network Drive on Mac From: From the Mac OS X Finder, hit Command+K

SQL Server Notes

A collection of notes for myself! Backup up an Express instance of SQL ServerEasy! Follor this tutorial:

Windows Batch Files: Logging & more

To log all output of a batch file to a file,  you can do: @echo off rem for /f %%# in ('wMIC Path Win32_LocalTime Get /Format:value')

Group Policy

Some notes for myself on using group policy as well as example policies and configurations. Force refresh group policy and evaluate the resultsFrom administrative command prompt (run → cmd & CTRL+SHIFT+OK): gpupdate

Windows Machine Administration

A collection of how-tos related to the administration and monitoring of Microsoft Windows machines. Note: much of this is not original content, but for my own reference. Links are provided to the sources.

Our Favorite PC Utilities (Antivirus etc.)

Antivirus SoftwarePerformance test of various AV softwareA/V recommendations by is build by a Romanian company headquartered in Belgrade. We currently use BitDefender because it's one of the top-rated antivirus