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OctoberCMS Blog Quick Start Guide

This is a quick and short (read: superficial) overview of how to get started with the RainLabs Blog component for OctoberCMS. It only covers how to create a CMS page to host your blog post, and how to link it to your blog posts.

OctoberCMS Plugin Development Tips

For now this is a collection of "tips" and reminders for myself in regards to developing OctoberCMS plugins.Plugin MigrationPlugin migration involves editing /updates/version.yamlSee the official docs!After editing the plugin,

Yii2 Notes

A collection of solutions to unusual issues with Yii2 / Kartik components.Proper try-catch in controller actionSee: had the exact same issue: calling a view inside a

Our Favorite Applications ("Office" etc.)

Office SuitesAll of these observations are of course personal observations - your mileage with these applications may vary. I started looking around for an alternative to MS Office after repeatedly running into serious