Ubuntu Commands Quick Reference
January 14, 2019

Ubuntu Commands Quick Reference

Just a place for me to jot down some useful commands when working with the Ubuntu command line.

General Commands


Command Explanation
service --status-all List all services

Performance and Resource Monitoring

Command Explanation
free -m Overview of aggregate memory usage
top Listof processes ordered by CPU and memory usage
free -m

Midnight Commander

Keys Explanation
INS Select files
* Reverse selection (or select all files, if nothing was selected)
CTRL+o Access the quick shell
ALT+, Switch panel layout between horizontal and vertical
ALT+i Show current directory in the other panel as well
CTRL+u Swap panels
ALT+SHIFT+h View your directory history
ALT+? Find a file
CTRL+SPACE Calculate file size (use it on .. to calculate all)
CTRL+x...d Compare directories
Ubuntu Commands Quick Reference
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